To be the ultimate Horn Of Africa business firm of your choice.


To be the regional pace setters in the provision of quality and timely business and legal services to our client whilst embracing employee development as we meet our corporate social responsibility.

Brief History

Gateway Afrika was established in 2011. Since then, we have charted many impressive milestones and built a solid reputation through our work in some of Somali’s largest deals in the private and public sectors.

Our undisputed track record and strong reputation for excellent and pragmatic business and legal advice is due to our in-depth understanding of our client's needs.

Why Gateway Afrika?

The discovery of oil, natural gas and natural minerals in Somaliland and Somalia complemented with the peaceful nature of Somaliland, has attracted many foreign investors and the region is slowly becoming a major player in the East African economy.

For foreign and local investors intending to do business in Somali/Somaliland and Djibouti, it is essential to have trusted legal and business consultants with an in-depth knowledge of the Somali commercial & legal systems to provide you with quality business &legal advice. Our firm has assembled a team of the finest business consultants in the region with enough experience of local and foreign systems covering multiple jurisdictions, delivering on-the-ground expertise and indigenous insight you need to meet, manage and overcome business and legal challenges within the Horn of Africa.

We value confidentiality and our client's privileges thus we take all legally and humanly possible precautions in protecting our client during the course of our representation and after. We will always be a trusted partner in protecting and providing our clients with all legal and business benefits needed in conducting their business comfortably in the Horn of Africa.



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